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Doing DIY seen as a sign of maturity in the UK

Recent research has indicated that British people view DIY as an indicator of having become a genuine adult.

Beagle Street, a provider of insurance, asked 2,000 adults about what they considered to be significant when it came to defining maturity. It found that being house proud and attempting DIY were both perceived as indicators of having an adult view on life.

It may be the case that the national economic recovery enables more adults to act their age. This could have implications for the demand for carpet cleaning in Liverpool. An academic from the University of Kent, Dr Frank Furedi, has explained the research findings from a sociological perspective:

“The research shows that what people really believe constitutes being an ‘adult’ are actually significant life events that give them adult responsibilities. Up until that point, regardless of their actual age, they are still perceived adolescents.”

It has been reported that over a fifth of the sample considered that developing pride in a house was symbolic of maturity. About 18 per cent of the respondents looked at the performance of DIY tasks in the same light.

However, other life events were considered to be of even greater symbolic importance to those questioned. Approximately 64 per cent of those asked believed that purchasing a house was a vital stage in the growing up process. A similar proportion of the sample said that they thought having children was critical. Dr Furedi has argued that real age does not seem closely related to perceptions of age.

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