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DIY predicted to become more popular

The DIY group and builders’ merchant, Travis Perkins, has predicted that home improvement will become more popular in the UK.

Travis Perkins has made its forecast on the back of the idea that sector growth was suppressed by a temporary dip in the housing market in 2014. If the prediction of the group is correct then there may soon be increased demand for laminate flooring in Cheshire. Travis Perkins is the owner of the popular home improvement retailer, Wickes, and its economic prospects are linked to the development of the British housing market. As a result, its performance was apparently affected negatively by a decline in approvals for mortgages last year. The group has stated:

“The overall economic outlook remains encouraging, with falling unemployment, low interest rates and low inflation contributing to a rise in real wages and increased consumer confidence.”

Meanwhile, John Carter, the chief executive, has been positive about the first half of the year, he has argued that corporate performance was strong and based on a solid foundation.

Further, the group has contended that other British urban trends should work in its favour. For example, it has stated that housing demand has the potential to remain high. It has accounted for this possibility by referring to population growth, declining house size and immigration.

Travis Perkins, which has already announced its intention to expand its network of branches, may be in a position to benefit if housing demand is stronger than supply as the trend could trigger more construction. In addition, the trend may well result in more people wanting repair and maintenance.

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