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DIY is being done to boost house prices

A recent report has suggested that the rationale for doing DIY has been changing over the last few years.

Research has discovered that the main priority behind undertaking DIY projects is to add to the value of the property being worked upon. Back in 2012, under a fifth of the people surveyed were motivated to do DIY by the thought of owning a more expensive property.

Now, the proportion of those in the group who were influenced by the price of their property stands at over two thirds.

The research was carried out by Kingfisher, the company that owns British multinational home improvement retailer B&Q.

In the study, it was likewise found that many people are now alarmed at the thought of higher energy prices in the future. Two years ago, a fear of being unemployed was the main concern recorded.

Anxiety about potential rises in the cost of energy has meant that some of the DIY being done is related to energy efficiency. However, some work still focused on making homes look special. As a result, services such as floor sanding in Liverpool are likely to remain popular.

The Chief Executive of Kingfisher, Sir Ian Cheshire, has said:

“Despite worries about rising energy costs, the big increase in those looking to use their home as a wealth creator through doing home improvement shows people are more confident about their homes than they were just a couple of years ago.”

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