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DIY dust could be harmful, researchers say

Researchers in the UK have reported that the dust caused by DIY can be detrimental to an individual’s health, so getting expert help may be advisable.

A report warns that excess dust can be bad for those engaged in DIY in terms of being a potential contributor to cancer and heart disease. Professional carpet cleaning in Wirral, carried out by well-drilled teams, may therefore be a healthy alternative to taking on too much work independently.

Researcher Dr. Prashant Kumar has said:

“Some of the most harmful particles are invisible and we shouldn’t underestimate the effect on our health, and on the health of those around us.”

Dr. Kumar has conducted analysis of the dust typically generated by various activities. The particle size of the dust can be instrumental in determining the harm it has the potential to cause. Small particles could have the capacity to contribute to hard arteries or lung cancer.

The research is of significance because we are in the middle of a period in which DIY is popular, according to work conducted by experts based at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). A housing shortage has arguably contributed to a rise in extensions and refurbishment, while stamp duty is believed to have deterred some individuals from moving house.

However, Paul Cullinan, a professor at Imperial College, has expressed some scepticism with regard to the implications of the research. He has maintained that the risks associated with DIY can be overstated.

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