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DIY carries a hidden potential cost

Recent research suggests that getting a professional to complete household jobs will actually save money long term, as one in six people revealed they’ve regretted seeking savings by asking a friend to complete jobs for them.

It is estimated that repairs to poorly completed jobs cost UK householders up to £300 million to eventually put right. Saving money by employing a friend rather than hiring professionals has been shown as false economy, as research suggests that 45% of those surveyed later had to enlist a professional to either put right incorrect jobs, or to amend poor workmanship.

This means that effectively, the householder is paying twice for the same work, and is also left with the inconvenience of having to arrange for someone else to come and complete a job that they expected to have been done the first time around.

The survey highlighted the fact that, while there are some who have the basic skills to complete these jobs, many don’t and the risk that householders are facing is that they are asking self-proclaimed – but well-meaning – experts into their home in the hope that they will eventually save money.

The complexity of many modern home refurbishments means that these jobs are often best left to the professionals, and this research suggests that any money saved initially is offset by the potential for large repair bills.

Getting a neighbour to lay laminate flooring in Liverpool or a son-in-law to mend pipes in Plymouth may appear like a good way to save money, but drafting in a professional to mend their handy work can be time-consuming and costly.

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