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DIY can boost home value, says research

A recent study has shown that a variety of home improvements can add value to a property, while underlining that some activities will have a bigger impact than others.

For researchers at, loft conversions have the greatest potential when it comes to making a residence worth more money. It has been suggested that newly converted loft space could easily add nearly £21,000 to the asking price of a house.

However, loft extensions can be expensive to construct. Furthermore, they seem to be more effective in some areas than others; it is heavily populated areas, where property prices are really high, that this type of home improvement can lead to significant returns on investments.

Outside London or the Home Counties, other varieties of home improvement may be worthy of consideration. For example, carpet cleaning in North Wales can make a home much more attractive to viewers.

According to experts, carpet cleaning should not be done in isolation or the full influence of the activity will not be achieved. Robin King, from property consultants Move with Us, recommended that people engage in several actions, such as allowing fresh air into a house.

King commented:

“Consider painting rooms a neutral colour, as this will help buyers visualise the potential of the house, and light any dark corners with lamps.”

In addition, King has reminded everyone that emptying ash trays and bins can improve the way a home is perceived. Such behaviour is prudent and is not going to be costly.

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