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Disney files for ‘moving floor’ patent

Disney has filed a patent for a moving floor designed to be used in combination with a virtual reality headset.

Many homes have entertainment technology such as games consoles, smart TV, and Bluetooth speakers. It seems Disney certainly believes that homes of the future could have moving floors as part of virtual reality (VR) entertainment systems.

Disney’s floor uses a vibration system that increases or decreases the friction on the user’s feet. This prompts the person to go in a direction and prevents them from walking into walls or obstacles.

Virtual reality creates the sensation of being in another world, but most VR systems do not provide much in the way of touch. Disney has a filed a patent for a force jacket that makes the user feel impacts within a virtual world. Together with the moving floor, this system could provide a more immersive experience.

When choosing solid flooring for your Wirral home, technology might help visualise what it will look like. There is 3D CAD software that can create 3D illustrations of the floor design, although this is often unnecessary. Some interior designers and architects are experimenting with VR systems that show how various designs alter the look and feel of rooms. Specialist software can instantly change the floor covering material and colour so that users can explore design options in a virtual world.

VR headsets and moving floors may not be part of a home entertainment system quite yet, so for now we may have to stick with more traditional floor coverings.

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