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Designer advises wood flooring for timeless homes

An interior designer has advised homeowners that neutral colours and natural materials, such as wood flooring, make a home feel timeless.

Rob Liesmann is the Managing Director of luxury design studio Design’d Living. In a report for, he said that interior design is about individual taste and style, but if a homeowner wants to easily let or sell a home, they need to avoid bold colours and patterns that don’t have a broad appeal.

Liesmann advises that a home should be a “blank canvas”, with neutral colours and plain textures. Stone, marble and wood are natural materials that never go out of style and help make the home look timeless. To add colour, people can use bright rugs, artwork on the walls and vibrant ornaments that can easily be removed when the home is ready for sale.

One design trend that adds appeal to sell a home more easily is called biophilic, which is bringing the outdoors into the home by adding plants and small trees to indoor spaces, taking the occupants of the building closer to nature. Wood flooring goes well with the biophilic style and creates a timeless vibe.

Another reason to add wood flooring to Cheshire and Wirral homes with a view to selling or renting is that this type of flooring adds value to a home, and it can add as much as 10%. In addition, wood flooring made with timber from sustainable forests is an environmentally friendly product.

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