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Design trends now lasting longer

According to Anna Starmer, founder of Luminary Colour, a colour trend forecasting company, interior design trends nowadays are lasting longer.

Starmer told US News:

“The interesting thing about trends right now is that they are slowing down. A colour family is popular for longer than (one) season. This is down to many factors, but one of the main reasons is that people are living real lives — they do not have enough time to redecorate every (six) months.”

Starmer added that the Danish concept of Hygee (cozy and content) has influenced designers to favour comforting and warming colours. This means that people are favouring lighter wood floors over dark ones. To many, lighter woods somehow feel more comfortable and natural, even if darker woods have had no colour stain. Matte finishes are becoming more popular than highly polished shiny floors.

People are looking for sustainable alternatives to traditional floor coverings and are choosing recycled and engineered wood as a more sustainable than traditional wood, even though many solid wood planks are sourced from trees harvested in sustainable forests. People who feel that solid wood is depleting the world’s resources, despite the lack of evidence, are opting for real wood alternatives, such as laminates and luxury vinyl tiles that look like natural wood.

Natural wood flooring in Wirral homes is a good choice for people who love the natural look of wood and appreciate the long-lasting qualities of wood floors. You do not have to be influenced by the trend for lighter wood if you prefer a darker shade.

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