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Design experts discuss natural floor covering trends

Several leading floor covering experts who attended the recent floor covering trade fair in Hanover, Germany talked about trends in natural floor covering.

Trend analyser Gabriella Kaiser said that natural coverings are popular, with solid wood floors a particular favourite.

Jocchen Koeckler, one of the organizers of the trade fair, said that the natural theme extends to carpet patterns, many of which are inspired by natural landscapes. Even vinyl tiles are following the natural trend with designer tiles that look like parquet flooring and wood grain.

Stefan Diez, product designer pointed out that vinyl flooring is popular because it is easy to lay, lasts a long time and requires little maintenance.

Floor colour fashions favour brown, soft green and pastel tones inspired by nature.

Koeckler highlighted the trend for ‘mix and match’ flooring, where different types of wood are laid to create a patchwork pattern effect.

There is also a move towards sustainable and environmentally friendly floorings. Flooring made from recycled wood is popular, transforming old wood into a luxury product. Floor coverings often contain recycled materials. Carpets incorporate recycled fibres, and some floor materials even incorporate recycled newspapers and leather.

Environmentally friendly floor coverings developed by leading manufacturers are usually expensive, as they contain no harmful PVC chemicals. Consumers are aware of environmental issues, including transport. Many buyers prefer locally produced environmentally friendly floor materials even if they are more expensive.

Given the rural nature of the county, people installing new solid flooring in their Cheshire homes or workplace are sure to be looking to the natural world for design inspiration.

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