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New floor tiles create ultimate playroom

Bryanne Leeming has invented a new type of floor tile called ‘Unruly Splats’ that can create the ultimate children’s playroom.

The tiles have been given this name (more…)

Choose laminate flooring in Cheshire rooms for a traditional or contemporary look

Laminate is a good choice for floor covering, particularly because it is suitable for both traditional and contemporary style (more…)

1960s flood-proof home goes up for sale

A home built on stilts in 1960s has been put up for sale with an asking price of £1.2 million. The home was designed to protect its wooden flooring from flood damage.

In 1965, architect couple Donald Morrison and Julia Fielding decided to (more…)

Floor sanding – helping your Liverpool floors look like new

Wooden floors last a long time but can look tired and worn after a while. Luckily, floor sanding can restore your floors so (more…)

Luxury floors for Shed of the Year contenders

Every year, wood treatment manufacturer Cuprinol runs the Shed of the Year competition. (more…)

New corporate jet cabins have wooden floors

Supercar manufacturer Pagani has partnered with Airbus Corporate Jets to design bespoke airplane cabins with wooden floors.

The cabin, known as (more…)