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The benefits of engineered flooring for Liverpool rooms

Engineered flooring has many benefits because it is the ideal combination of practicality and good looks.

People love living in Liverpool. They love to laugh at life. They like being near the sea and having access to the beautiful countryside. Liverpool people are creative and enjoy the various cultural events held in the city. What they don’t love is the weather. It rains a lot in Liverpool and you often hear people (more…)

Sidewalk Labs designs future city buildings made from timber

Sidewalk Labs, a subsidiary of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is developing ideas for urban development.

The organisation sees the future city as (more…)

What is the best type of contract flooring in Liverpool?

There are about 880,000 people who live in Liverpool, and many more commute to the city each day. They walk on a huge number of Liverpool floors, meaning that there is a large demand for contract flooring. What type of contract flooring is best?

The people of Liverpool are renowned for (more…)

More British households are employing professional cleaning services

Research reported by the website News Anyway has revealed that more people prefer to use a professional cleaning service rather than clean themselves.

Traditionally, wealthier households hired (more…)

Disney files for ‘moving floor’ patent

Disney has filed a patent for a moving floor designed to be used in combination with a virtual reality headset. (more…)

Hotel interior designer reveals insight into 2018 flooring trends

Michael Sinclair, the design director of the Catering Design Group has revealed the floor design trends of 2018.

These are the designs that his hotel and catering clients are choosing. Hotel and restaurant customers can be influenced by (more…)