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Tallest hybrid timber residential building showcases solid wood flooring

Japanese architect, Shigeru Ban, has unveiled designs for Terrace House, a 71-metre residential building which is claimed will be the world’s highest hybrid timber residential (more…)

What’s so great about wood floors for homes in Liverpool?

Wood floors may have declined in popularity during the late 20th century, as more people opted for mass-produced fitted carpets, but (more…)

Engineered hardwood flooring is top choice in America

The Home Innovation 2017 annual survey has found that hardwood flooring is the top choice in new home construction in the United States. Whilst carpeting is (more…)

Wood flooring for Liverpool properties – how is it made?

Engineered wood flooring is often a misunderstood product. People tend to interpret the name as implying that it is an (more…)

Price of wool used in carpets has decreased

The wholesale price for British wool has fallen to £1 a kilo – a drop of 30% in price – in the last 14 months.

China is the (more…)

German event to showcase the latest flooring trends

Domotex is one of the world’s leading trade fairs for carpets and floor covering, and its 2018 event is taking place in Hanover, Germany, early next year.

Unikolegno Srl, an Italian floor covering manufacturer, is (more…)

What are the dangers of cleaning your home after a flood?

Every winter, some areas of Britain suffer from flooding. After recent floods in Tulare County, California, the (more…)