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Innovative floors in Bloomberg’s new London HQ

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, unveiled the new Bloomberg headquarters this month, October 2017. The building was designed by famed architect Norman Foster (more…)

Cleaning Houston’s flood damaged oriental rugs

Hurricane Harvey dumped 50 inches of rain in the Houston area, flooding homes and businesses. Homes with cheap carpets and rugs threw them away, but some homes had expensive oriental rugs, some worth as much as $20,000 (more…)

Frequently asked questions about solid flooring for Liverpool residents

If you’ve never had a solid wood floor installed before, you may not know where to start, so here are some common questions about (more…)

Why you should consider engineered flooring for your Liverpool home

Solid wood flooring surely brings a classic touch to a house, and when well cared for, it can last for centuries, making it (more…)

How bricks are being used to enhance the look of floors

Most people see bricks as just items that build walls, but increasingly, designers are making bricks a design feature that enhances the look of floors.

The Empire, a (more…)

Flooring adapts to university students’ changing needs

The habits and attitudes of modern university students has changed over the years, and this is reflected in the (more…)

Victorian school parquet flooring used in modern buildings

A feature of many Victorian schools was their parquet flooring. Though many of the fixtures and fitting of (more…)