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Rigorously testing takes place for wood floor alternatives

Consumer Reports has tested floor coverings and found many good-looking hardwearing alternatives to solid wood flooring.

Consumer Reports is a (more…)

What to expect from a wood flooring installation in your Liverpool home

A wooden floor can bring a truly unique beauty and warmth to a room. If you’ve decided to have a solid wood floor installed in your Liverpool home and make your home interior as classy as the city itself, here’s a (more…)

EU ban stops sales of high wattage vacuum cleaners

As of this month, EU regulations banning the sales of vacuum cleaners with motors higher than 900w have come into force.

Before the ban, many (more…)

Laminate flooring in your Liverpool home – what you should know

Laminate flooring can be an attractive, low-cost, and low-maintenance option for a room. Many people even install it themselves, although you may prefer to draw on the services of a professional for a (more…)

Makeover of Switzerland’s smallest village will preserve original wooden floors

Renovations designed to save a Swiss village will retain the original 19th-Century chestnut wood floors.

Corippo is (more…)

Rubber floors make life easier for surgeons

Nora Flooring Systems has been installing rubber floors in operating theatres to make life easier for surgeons and (more…)