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Selecting contract flooring for commercial spaces in Liverpool

If you’re looking to install new contract flooring in a commercial space, here are some tips to help inform your decision:

Your first concern will be (more…)

Brick floor a botch at New York office

When video tutorial company Grovo was choosing the design of its new office space in New York, it requested that the floors be covered in bricks. This was an expensive mistake.

There is a trend for (more…)

Five myths about engineered flooring for your Liverpool home

Myth 1: Engineered wood flooring is fake

Laminate uses a (more…)

Wood flooring design trends going back to nature

A major trend of 2017 is the installation of natural wooden floors that impart a feeling of being in touch with nature, says wood floor company Kährs.

The Swedish company says there is (more…)

The truth about carpet cleaning in Liverpool

There are some interesting truths about carpets and how to look after them, such as: (more…)

Hall restoration reveals that not all floor modernisation is good

The restoration project at Anstice Memorial Hall in Madeley, Shropshire has revealed that a few decades ago, laminate flooring was laid in the hall in a bad case of modernisation.

Anstice Memorial hall was (more…)

Popularity of large floor tiles on the up

Due to advances in technology, floor tiles are becoming larger. According to the website, manufacturers, floor installers, and retailers are embracing large floor tiles as their popularity grows.

Anne Rue designs hotel makeovers for (more…)