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Cleaning laminate stains from everyday Liverpool life

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Carpet cleaning equipment quells fire

A professional carpet cleaner has managed put out a bush fire with his carpet cleaning equipment

Jared Aiton was driving his van in (more…)

Carpet cleaning tips for your Liverpool home

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How to remove scratches from Liverpool’s laminate floors

It’s easily done, but scratching the new laminate floor of your Liverpool home can be extremely frustrating.

With Liverpool folk known for (more…)

How to clean laminate floors in Liverpool

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Guide shows how food safety management relates to floors

A new report has been published detailing how the HACCP Food Safety Management System affects floors. (more…)

Latest floor coverings for a quiet home

In business premises and the home, many people want to work or relax in a quiet environment. (more…)

New floor covering shows benefits of cork

My Cork Floor, a United States cork floor covering manufacturer, has created a new wood flooring made from cork which they claim has many benefits. (more…)

Warrington hospital installs adhesive-free nonslip flooring

When it came time to install new flooring in one of Warrington Hospital’s main corridors, the management of the hospital was faced with a problem – how to install nonslip flooring quickly so that disruption could be (more…)