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‘Five second rule’ is real, says scientist

There is an often-cited myth that if you drop food on the floor, it will be fit to eat if it is picked up within five seconds. A scientist (more…)

Research highlights the dangers of uneven floors

York Council recently commissioned a report by the Building Research Establishment into safety in the home, and one of the major risks the research drew attention to (more…)

Nine common misconceptions about wood flooring

When choosing a new floor, many people instantly dismiss wood flooring for one reason or another. These reasons are often based on faulty logic, though, and a wooden floor may be a more realistic solution than (more…)

Biophilic flooring brings nature inside

Biophilic flooring is an essential component of Biofit, which is claimed to be the world’s first biophilic gym concept. The company recently constructed a temporary Biofit demonstration gym in London so that architects and (more…)

New research reveals link between flooring and nurses’ health

The United States-based Center for Health Design studies the design of healthcare buildings and, in recent research, found that there is a relationship between the type of floor in a (more…)