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This spring and summer’s flooring trends announced

The American National Wood Flooring Association has identified the wood flooring trends that will be popular in the spring and summer of 2017.

The main trend, it says, is to (more…)

Solid floors could save students’ accommodation deposits

The University of Liverpool recently announced that students in its accommodation halls lost £40,000 in deposits because they left their accommodation in a damaged condition.

As with most rented property, students have to pay a (more…)

A brief history of wood flooring

You may associate hardwood flooring with the many grand historic buildings of Liverpool, but it actually has surprisingly humble beginnings. Using wood for flooring was a laborious business in the (more…)

International Surfaces Event shows what’s new in flooring

The International Surfaces Event, held in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 17 to 20, showed all the new developments in flooring. Among the main highlights were: (more…)

Solid wood floor coverings can affect indoor air quality

A new report by Australian flooring company Malfi looks at how floor coverings can impact the air quality inside a building.

Most of the focus on (more…)