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Gatwick airport lays down challenge to flooring installers

Gatwick airport recently changed the flooring at its terminals to something that would be (more…)

American lady keeps money safe by gluing it to floor

With low interest rates on savings, many are looking for alternative places to store their money. Rather than putting it under the mattress, an (more…)

Choosing the right wood species for your solid wood flooring

Liverpool is a city known for its architecture and character, both of which shine through in the homes in which its people live. Whether it’s a (more…)

Newly renovated building keeps 130-year-old floors

The architects responsible for the renovation of London’s Club Row has decided to keep the existing parquet floor that was originally installed in the 1880s.

When an old (more…)

New flooring generates electricity

Scientists at the University of Wisconsin have developed a new floor covering that generates electricity when walked on.

The new flooring is made from forest waste materials and (more…)

Researchers review how floors deal with floods

The British Research Establishment (BRE) is experimenting with new materials that could help homes be more resilient to flooding, and quickly recover from flood damage.

There have been a number of (more…)