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How to avoid the five common problems with hardwood flooring

There is no doubt that hardwood flooring is the best choice that you can make from your home. Not only is it natural, warm and attractive, but it is also extremely durable, and because wood comes in so many colours and has lots of different grain styles, it is always possible to (more…)

Tile Association chairman shares thoughts on new floor trends

Ian Kershaw, chairman of The Tile Association, recently shared his thoughts on the latest trends in floors.

He said there has been a growth in (more…)

Diamond building features ceramic flooring

The architects who designed the Diamond building at the University of Sheffield have chosen Jurastone ceramic to cover the floors.

The central atrium is the (more…)

Floor graphics becomes new trend in floor coverings

Developments in large format printer technology and graphic film could revolutionise floor designs.

People are used to large prints displayed on (more…)

Sportflex flooring ready for Glasgow European Indoor Athletics Championships

In March 2019, the European Indoor Athletics Championships will be held at Emirates Arena in Glasgow. In preparation, the arena has installed a track covered with Mondo Sportflex X performance rubberised flooring.

Sportflex is installed on the arena’s (more…)

Research reveals benefits of going shoeless

Not wearing shoes indoors can help keep carpets clean. Children in northern Europe regularly take off their shoes before entering school to stop snow and slush being bought in.

New research by Bournemouth University has discovered (more…)