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Resin flooring installed in new Welsh bottling plant

Factories that process food or drinks need specialist floors. A new bottling plant for the Radnor Hills Mineral Water Company in Wales, needed floors that could resist damage from heavy machinery, be easy to clean and conform to food hygiene regulations.

Over 175 million (more…)

When is the optimum time to install a hardwood floor?

It can take a lot of time and planning before any home improvement goes ahead, as there is generally a lot to consider before you get (more…)

President Obama highlights the need for resilient design

A meeting of US building industry representatives was held on May 12th in the White House to discuss resilient design.

Due to climate change, there (more…)

Report predicts bio-based materials are the future of concrete flooring

A recent market research report forecasts that a growth in the concrete flooring market will be driven by bio-based materials.

Most solid flooring in Cheshire and North Wales commercial buildings starts with a concrete base overlaid with vinyl, carpet, laminate, wood or similar flooring materials. Constructors use concrete flooring because of its hardwearing qualities and cost effectiveness. The price of concrete is affected by the cost of oil and raw materials.

A recent report by Transparency Market Research titled ‘Concrete Floor Market – Global Industry Analysis’, forecasts that the demand for concrete flooring will grow by 6.3% a year in Europe during the next four years. The rate of increase could be affected by future increases in the price of oil and raw materials.

In order for concrete flooring suppliers to be less reliant on the cost of oil and other raw materials, concrete is being developed using bio-based materials. Standard concrete includes oil-based polymers, but vegetable polymers have been developed that use the waste produced from sugar production and these can be used to replace the oil materials.

Concrete can also incorporate recycled materials that are cheaper than standard raw materials.

As more companies adopt green policies, there will no doubt be an increase in demand for more environmentally friendly bio-based concrete.

The Transparency Market Research report forecasts a positive future for concrete flooring as a result of an upsurge in the European construction industry, and the adoption of new concrete technologies.

Your carpet could be making you sick, says study

Research by the carpet cleaning brand Bisell has revealed bacteria like salmonella and E.coli can be found in many carpets, creating a health risk.

The study revealed that (more…)