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Electric concrete could solve cold floor dilemma

A college professor at the University of Nebraska has invented concrete that can be heated. This technology could (more…)

Two schemes set up help to recycle old vinyl

A vinyl recycling scheme has announced a record collection of 508 tonnes in 2015. Meanwhile, in Canada, a new tavern has (more…)

Five unique hardwood flooring trends you should try out this year

With spring now approaching, you’re probably starting to think about spring cleaning and your home renovation plans for the year. Spring is a time for renewal and rebirth in the natural world and this is something we are prone to mimicking in (more…)

Insert a piece of Liverpool history into your floor

The carpet at John Lennon Airport in Liverpool with the Capital of Culture 08 logo, is being replaced and the airport is thinking of raffling or auctioning off some pieces for charity.

If you are (more…)

Carpet cleaners help flood victims

Carpet cleaners are coming to the aid of the elderly victims of the recent floods.

Companies that offer carpet cleaning in Cheshire are used to dealing with the occasional water-damaged carpet, but in areas affected by the December floods there are hundreds of damaged carpets that require cleaning or replacing.

After the (more…)

Australian floor company recommends pet-friendly flooring materials

Floormania, an Australian flooring supplier, recently published an article advising pet owners on the best flooring choices for humans and their four-legged friends. (more…)