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Unfinished or Prefinished Hardwood: Which is best?

There is no doubting that hardwood flooring in is particularly popular at the moment, and it is hardly surprising that this should be the case since people from the city have both a keen sense of style and an ability to (more…)

Timber Trade Federation supports sustainable sourcing

The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) of the UK has recently opted to sign up for the Forests Campaign.

The campaign was established by (more…)

Doing DIY seen as a sign of maturity in the UK

Recent research has indicated that British people view DIY as an indicator of having become a genuine adult.

Beagle Street, a provider of insurance, asked 2,000 adults about (more…)

Doubt cast on sustainability of Brazilian timber

A recent report has highlighted why there are still concerns about the sustainability of timber produced in Brazil.

Last year, the NGO Greenpeace found that there were flaws in (more…)

Flooring that can be used with underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is more popular than ever thanks to its ability to (more…)

DIY dust could be harmful, researchers say

Researchers in the UK have reported that the dust caused by DIY can be detrimental to an individual’s health, so getting expert help may be advisable.

A report warns that excess dust can (more…)