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Straw bale houses for sale in Bristol

Homes constructed partly out of straw have recently been put on the market in Bristol, and interest was soon (more…)

Enthusiasm for DIY hampered by skill shortage

Recent research has indicated that the British public are sometimes deterred from doing DIY due to a (more…)

How to make your laminate flooring last longer

Many people in Merseyside often find that laminate flooring is an extremely versatile choice for renovations. It can be used in both commercial and private settings, as well as in pretty much every room of the home or workplace. This covering is also an excellent choice for people who enjoy the aesthetics of hardwood flooring, but who are working to a tight budget.

If you decide to install laminate flooring in Liverpool, it is a good idea to buy from (more…)

The advantages of using non slip flooring

Non slip flooring is a great choice for Merseyside home and business owners alike, although it will be particularly advantageous for companies. This is because the covering is much safer than a lot of other flooring types.

To help you to understand why this is such a fantastic addition to any workspace, here (more…)

How a Liverpool home can gain from a professional floor sanding

Hardwood floors are one of the most highly sought after features for any homeowner. They add a touch of beauty and class to any space in which they are fitted, which makes them extremely desirable.

However, after hardwood floors have been in use for a while, they can become (more…)

Study claims EU is linked to tropical deforestation

A recent report by advocacy group Fern has suggested that the EU is partly responsible for continuing deforestation in other (more…)

DIY appeal questioned following B&Q closures

The appetite of Brits to engage in DIY has come into the spotlight recently, following the announcement that (more…)

The benefits of professional floor sanding in North Wales

There are plenty of advantages to having hardwood flooring in your home or place of business. For one thing, hardwood tends to be much easier to clean, and as a material it also tends to have a longer life than alternatives such as (more…)

New partnership promotes sustainable timber use

Two firms involved in the use of sustainable timber have joined forces in a way that may encourage further innovation in (more…)