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Timber frame used in work on Buxton and Leek College

A large timber frame has been put in place as part of the innovative redevelopment of a college in Leek.

The project is an (more…)

Top choices for kitchen flooring

Choosing the right type of flooring for the kitchen is vital. Not only is the kitchen often the hub of the home, which means that it sees a lot more traffic than many other areas; it is also the room where we cook and wash, so the floor there can often be subjected to (more…)

Hanham Hall wins sustainability award

A development in the south of Gloucestershire, Hanham Hall, has won a prestigious prize, and this may have a wider impact on the (more…)

The benefits of engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood is a popular choice both for homeowners and for those looking to kit out their commercial premises with new flooring. There are a lot of reasons why it is so popular with so many people, and this article will explore each (more…)

British business leaders urged to stop deforestation

Business representatives at the Forest Business Forum of the WWF have been encouraged to come up with practical solutions to meet a (more…)

Timber event held in Dorset

A short course has recently been held to promote understanding over the use of wood as part of sustainable practices.

The day was managed by the Dorset Area of (more…)

Research highlights the value of home improvements

A recent study conducted by Zopa has underlined the fact that various home improvements can add a lot of value to (more…)