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Many home improvement offers go to waste

Research conducted by British Gas has revealed that many householders do not realise that they can qualify for (more…)

Timber production set to grow, says industry expert

A manager at Borders Machinery Ring (BMR) has suggested that it is a great time to plant timber, mentioning that the market for wood is in excellent health.

With a strong demand for timber grown within the (more…)

British brands commit to target for sustainable timber

Several major UK brands have reached an agreement with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) with regard to sourcing all their wood from renewable sources by the end of the decade.

Big retailers like (more…)

ONS highlights regional house price variations

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released figures indicating that the UK housing market has not been changing in a (more…)

Tips for maintaining a safe office floor

For company owners with a busy schedule, it’s easy to forget for a moment about office safety. While it might not be as hazardous as a construction site or mechanised factory, accidents are still commonplace in an office, but they can easily be avoided.

It could be argued that the majority of injuries in an office relate in some way to the flooring, but by following these simple tips, you can keep your staff safe and happy while staving off potentially costly legal action:


For offices with linoleum or vinyl flooring, even slip-resistant surfaces can become relatively slick when wet. It’s the company owner’s responsibility to ensure that line managers ask their teams to mop up or report any spillages as they occur, using wet floor signs where possible.


While they’re usually more a cause of mild embarrassment for the less cautious among us than a source of serious harm, injuries can nevertheless occur if doormats, rugs and other floor covers aren’t kept flat. A large crease or fold can easily cause a trip, and a mat should be replaced altogether if the grip surface on its underside is damaged or worn, to prevent it from slipping underfoot.

Replacing carpet tiles

Many offices are decorated with carpet tiles, which offer the advantage of being easily replaceable when individual squares in well-trodden areas become loose or worn. If the original carpet is no longer available for purchase and there aren’t enough funds in the company coffers to recarpet the entire office, managers could instead consider moving the furniture around to cover the bare patch.

Debris free

Perhaps most importantly, all electrical wires that have to cross corridors and walkways should be covered with smooth, highly visible cable protectors. Additionally, staff can be encouraged to avoid leaving bags and coats in the aisles by setting up a coat stand or cloakroom facilities.