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Three tips for repairing hardwood dry rot

Preventing scratches isn’t the only item high on the agenda of someone looking to preserve the condition of a hardwood floor, as from time to time a dry rot can set in. When it does, it’s worse for a floor than a heavy couch with metal legs or a large, excitable canine.

Dry rot occurs in (more…)

UK house asking prices affected by holidays

During August, the average price requested for a British property coming onto the market dipped, according to data collated by property expert (more…)

Growth in home loans continues

Although the increase in house prices within London may slow next year, mortgage lending in the UK has still been on the rise.

Statistics collected by (more…)

How to minimise scratches on your wooden floor

Scrapes and nicks wrought on new wooden floors are a source of despair for many homeowners, but they can easily be avoided with a few simple tweaks to the way you run your house.

Firstly, think about the legs of some of the (more…)

DIY is being done to boost house prices

A recent report has suggested that the rationale for doing DIY has been changing over the last few (more…)

UK property prices edge higher

After a period in which the value of British property increased rapidly, the statistics for July showed only a marginal rise in average (more…)