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Homeowners seek to capitalise on property boom

Statistics are showing that 95% of homeowners are expecting property prices to rise over the next (more…)

Gender differences when it comes to DIY

A recent survey by Nationwide Building Society highlighted some clear differences between men and women when it comes to DIY around the house which, before now, had been purely anecdotal. The survey found that whilst men are more likely to set a budget for their DIY endeavours, they are also more likely to go above this budget in (more…)

Liverpool Council to rejuvenate empty properties

Liverpool City Council is investing £6 million in refurbishing homes that are left empty across the city. It is an initiative that is expected to bring around 4,000 houses back into regular use by 2018, and will build on the success of (more…)

Renewed drive to reduce carpet waste

Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK) has been striving to reduce carpet waste across the country by pioneering a programme to recycle such products responsibly. It continues to promote its services within the commercial sector, and is appearing at the (more…)

Half of UK homeowners looking to move

A recent survey by suggests that approximately 50% of UK adults are contemplating either moving house, or putting their foot on the first rung of the (more…)