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Housebuyers enjoy £1 property through new scheme

A scheme has been piloted in Liverpool, and now rolled out to Stoke-On-Trent, which allows residents to purchase houses in need of refurbishment for a (more…)

DIY carries a hidden potential cost

Recent research suggests that getting a professional to complete household jobs will actually save money long term, as one in six people revealed they’ve regretted seeking (more…)

Research confirms the flooring market is improving

Recently published market research suggests that the laminate market has seen a rise for the first time in (more…)

Homeowners look ahead to the upcoming winter

With a noticeable change in temperature and fewer sunlight hours per day, the UK is looking ahead to a winter that is expected to be quite brutal – with homes potentially needing (more…)

Cheshire marketing firm revamps its offices

Business marketing company Brand has given its premises – a former solicitors’ office in the Neston area – a complete (more…)