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What are the dangers of cleaning your home after a flood?

Every winter, some areas of Britain suffer from flooding. After recent floods in Tulare County, California, the Tulare County Human Health Services published warnings about the health risks involved in cleaning homes that have been flooded, which is just as valid for British flood-hit homes.

The Health Services says that the main concern after a flood is mould, which is a health hazard that can cause respiratory and other harmful health conditions in some people. If any symptoms develop, a doctor should be consulted.

The main advice is to wear rubber gloves and wellington boots when handling flooded belongings because of the risks of touching harmful mould on items. Afterwards, hands should be washed in warm water and soap.

Mould can easily grow on carpets and furniture. These items should be removed and dried out as quickly as possible. Carpets and rugs need to be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service.

Not everything in a flooded house is salvageable; water-soaked mattresses, baby toys, books and foam rubber items should be thrown away as soon as possible. Electrical items need to be checked by an electrician before using again. If any items have been contaminated by sewage water, they should also be thrown away.

It’s not unknown for areas of the Wirral and Liverpool to flood, and burst pipes and leaks can also cause water damage, especially on carpeted floors. Specialists in professional carpet cleaning in Liverpool should be able to save your flooded carpets from needing replacing.

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