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Could The Apprentice boost British DIY?

The Apprentice is a television programme that delights and enrages viewers, and it’s been revealed that this series will feature a DIY challenge.

Being a contestant on The Apprentice is always a daunting prospect, but in 2015 participants will have to launch a DIY firm. Of course, the candidates will face a wide range of challenges as the weeks elapse, but the home improvement focus could inspire and inform viewers. The demand for floor sanding in Cheshire might be increased by the decision to include DIY in the programme schedule.

It is not possible to predict which candidates will do well when it comes to the task as they have been involved in different economic sectors. However, tutor Sam Curry has revealed that he may have personal attributes that are suitable for doing DIY in general:

“I’m an interesting mix between happy go lucky and adventurous and then quite logical and sensible. It’s a strange combination.”

Building a DIY business does require a different set of skills from doing the actual work. Contestant Charleine Waine is the owner of a salon. If she does well on the DIY task then she could prove to be an inspirational figure. She has stressed her commitment to promoting women in business, but as with anyone embarking on DIY, it will be interesting to see how the contestants square up to the professionals

Baroness Karen Brady and Claude Littner will keep tabs on the candidates as they do their DIY job. However, it will be Lord Alan Sugar who will have the last word.

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