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Contract vinyl – a great choice for North Wales business

Vinyl is a hardwearing and practical floor covering for North Wales workplaces.

There are around 253,000 Welsh businesses, many of them in North Wales. There is a wide choice of floor coverings available to cover the hundreds of thousands of square feet of workplace floors in the area, and for many reasons, contract vinyl is the ideal choice

Vinyl properties

Vinyl has many properties that make it ideal for contract flooring, especially in areas with a high footfall. It requires little maintenance to keep clean and free from bacteria. Vinyl is water-resistant too, making it suitable for kitchen and bathroom areas.

Simple to install, installation costs for vinyl are very reasonable. As it is quickly and easily cleaned, people with allergies to pollen, dust or animal hairs will not suffer the symptoms either.

Vinyl can look like stone floor tiles but is much softer and quieter. Some types of vinyl can be installed over underfloor heating.

Vinyl sizes

The first consideration when choosing vinyl is the size – sheet, planks or tiles. Sheet vinyl emulates the look of natural materials like ceramic and wood. It is also available in other patterns and plain colours.

Sheet vinyl can be cut to size and can cover many rooms in one piece, but larger rooms may require two or three pieces.

Vinyl tiles can be one design, or by mixing and matching colours and patterns, you can create your own designs.

Planks are long strips of vinyl. They often have wood patterns to make the floor look as if it is made from solid wood planks. Wood patterns, including oak and pine are available, depending on whether you want a light or dark shade.

Luxury vinyl

Vinyl ranges from 1mm to 5mm thick. Luxury vinyl tiles are around 5mm thick and will last longer than thin ones. They are more expensive than thinner options, but because of their durability can work out cheaper in the long term. Luxury vinyl is available in a wide variety of colours and designs.

The thicker a vinyl tile or sheet is, the softer and warmer it feels underfoot. Thicker luxury tiles also help sound insulation, which makes them suitable for crowded and noisy areas.


Contract vinyl is easy to lay. If the existing floor is smooth and level, thick vinyl will not need an underlay, although thinner tiles may benefit from one.

If the floor is uneven a scree may be needed. This is a type of cement that is spread over the floor to make it even.

Some vinyl comes with an adhesive backing so does not require additional adhesive to fix.


Vinyl floors do not need heavy duty cleaning. They should be swept regularly, and can be washed using a specialist vinyl floor cleaning solution then dried. This can be done by hand or using specialist vinyl cleaning machines.

Furniture legs need protective pads to prevent them scratching the floor.

With regular cleaning, contract vinyl will stay attractive looking and last for many years in business buildings.

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