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Contract Vinyl in Cheshire

For businesses, nonprofits and other organisations based in Cheshire, one of the first steps to take in safeguarding on-site staff and visitor safety is to have only the highest quality flooring installed. At Regal Floors, we understand that a suitable floor not only reduces the risk of a slip or fall, but also fits in with a company’s existing décor, which is why we stock a broad selection of contract vinyl in Cheshire.

As a county closely associated with heavy industry and the production of chemicals and oils – with the Shell Stanlow Refinery based in Ellesmere Port and the numerous chemical plants of Runcorn – companies operating here know that safety starts with a well-installed floor.

Vinyl is a top choice for businesses in a range of sectors, primarily for its non-slip options and its resistance to general wear and tear.

However, when choosing a great floor, safety is by no means the only consideration. This is why vinyl is available in a range of colours and styles. Businesses based in the Chester, one of the county’s major hubs for retail and leisure, might choose a faux wood option when selecting contract vinyl. Cheshire businesses can get all the aesthetic benefits of a wooden or laminate floor, but can save money by choosing vinyl instead.

Vinyl is also one of the easiest kinds of floor to maintain, as it does not stain easily and can be effortlessly mopped or wiped when spillages do occur.

Here at Regal Floors, we have a team of experts ready to step up and help you make the right choice the next time you need contract vinyl in Cheshire. Our range encompasses a variety of styles, textures and colours, so we’re sure to have the right floor for your business. Contact us today to get started revamping your premises.