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Construction industry does well on timber scorecard

The construction industry in the UK has fared well in a recently published sustainable timber scorecard.

The research, conducted by WWF-UK, analysed the performance of more than 100 firms throughout the UK. New wood flooring in Cheshire is likely to be from a sustainable source of timber, given the strong showing of the construction industry. Julia Young, who works for WWF-UK as part of the forestry section, has said:

“Some of the companies who didn’t fare so well have engaged with WWF-UK since they were given their scores, to look at how they can improve their policy and communication around sustainable timber.”

Due to this attitude, the organisation has chosen to refresh the corporate scores during the autumn in order to reflect any positive changes made by those companies who scored low.

Plans have been made to repeat the scorecard test twice more in its entirety prior to 2020. The hope driving the campaign is that, by that year the whole British timber market will be moving forward on a sustainable basis. Further, the campaigners have said that loopholes in the European Union Timber Regulation should be clamped down on.

Other research conducted by WWF-UK has indicated that customers are bothered by the issue of timber sustainability. It has been noted that a lot of information is provided to consumers in relation to other products like chocolate, coffee and food. It has been underlined that the idea behind the overall policy is to combat deforestation by the promotion of transparency.

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