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Company to manufacture wood floor from hemp

HempWood is a new type of wood developed from hemp that is claimed to have advantages over other wood floor covering.

Hemp is derived from a type of Cannabis that is grown for its industrial use and not for drug or medicinal purposes. Hemp is refined into a variety of commercial products including paper, textiles, paint, biofuel and animal feed.

Fibonacci is a company started in the USA by Greg Wilson to manufacture HempWood, which is made by pressing hemp fibre strands into logs that can be cut up into boards. For use as a floor covering, it is claimed that boards made from hemp are 20% harder than oak boards. Hemp takes six months to grow, which is much quicker than trees. The company has not yet started full production as it is waiting for delivery of an industrial wood press from China, which is held up because of the uncertainties of trading conditions between the USA and China.

Several flooring companies have expressed interest in using HempWood floorboards, but John Dupra of Revel Woods in New York believes that hemp floors will remain a minority choice as consumers prefer the look and feel of natural hardwood floors. He is doubtful that the appearance of hemp floors will match that of natural wood.

Homeowners and businesses in Cheshire don’t have the option of using hemp-based wood flooring as yet. However, there is a wide range of hard-wearing and good-looking engineered and solid wood flooring available for Cheshire residential and commercial properties.

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  1. I’d love to be able to utilise Hemp wood floors and Hemp wood as much as possible, it’s such a shame there is no options in the UK though with the new manufacturing hemp plant maybe soon

    Comment by Moth — May 18, 2021 @ 8:49 pm

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