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Cleaning your non slip flooring

Non slip floors are a popular choice of commercial flooring in Liverpool, where they are frequently used in factories, hospitals and shops. The surfaces are also increasingly popular with homeowners, who see them as a safe and affordable solution for bathroom and kitchen areas.

The manufacture of this grippy flooring has come on a lot in recent years, and it is now possible to buy attractive non slip surfaces in a range of designs and colours, which is certainly one of the reasons that this no-nonsense flooring solution has gained in popularity.

Another is the fact that the floors are a hygienic choice, when compared with other surfacing choices that are known to be more difficult to clean. Of course, non slip flooring still needs to be cleaned, and doing so in the proper way can ensure your floor’s longevity.

Keeping it clean

Non slip flooring in Liverpool tends to be installed in high-traffic areas of the home and workplace. This means that the surfaces need to be cleaned often to avoid dirt building up.

You should also be aware that the way in which non slip flooring is constructed, with its many peaks and troughs to help it offer a stronger grip, means that it requires careful maintenance if it is to stay in great condition.

Cleaning materials

Under no circumstances should you use soapy water to clean non slip flooring. If you do, a slippery residue will form on the top of the surface, thus counteracting the grippy qualities of the material. Instead, you should use a scrubber drier machine. If you do not own one of these, it is possible to hire them or a floor cleaning professional, who will do it for you.

These machines work by lifting the dirty water back up once it has been used on the floor, which stops water seeping into the troughs in the fabric of the flooring.

Failing that, using a rag mop and water containing a cleaning agent formulated specifically for use with non slip flooring will help you to ensure your surfaces are clean, without risking any unwanted slips.

The key is to ensure that you lift as much water back up off the floor as possible, so that the surface is both clean and dry.

Remember that you should always put out a wet floor sign when cleaning non slip flooring in the workplace to help you avoid any accidents.

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