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Cleaning Houston’s flood damaged oriental rugs

Hurricane Harvey dumped 50 inches of rain in the Houston area, flooding homes and businesses. Homes with cheap carpets and rugs threw them away, but some homes had expensive oriental rugs, some worth as much as $20,000

. Bagdad Oriental rugs in Houston was given the task of cleaning and restoring over 400 rugs.

Oriental rugs have to go through a number of processes to clean them. First, the rugs were laid out in the car park to dry. The rugs were then cleaned of dust and hosed down. Afterwards, a buffer machine spreads shampoo that kills the mildew that infects the rugs. Then a flat bed rug washer removes all traces of shampoo and any dirt still left on the rug. The rugs are fed through twin rollers to squeeze 95% of the moisture out of the rug.

Finally, the rugs are hung in a room where an industrial heater dries them. The whole process is then repeated one more time for each rug. Although cleaning flood damaged rugs is more thorough than normal cleaning, the company has not raised its cleaning prices. Employees are working all day to 9pm at night but owner of Bagdad Oriental, Ali Akbarin says:

“We’re doing the best we can to make the customer happy.”

Fortunately, professional carpet cleaning in Liverpool does not involve as many processes to make your carpets fresh and clean. A professional carpet cleaning machine operated by experienced carpet cleaners can make your carpets and rugs look like new at the fraction of the cost of oriental rug cleaning.

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