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How to clean laminate floors in Liverpool

If you’ve just installed a good quality laminate floor in your Liverpool home, you should be able to enjoy it for many years to come, but like with most home renovations, correct maintenance is key to getting the most from any new floor.

Basic cleaning

With Liverpool and the wider Merseyside area having plenty of outdoor hotspots offering leisure, exercise and fun, getting dust, dirt and hair up will be your most routine task, and you have a few options to choose from:

• You may use a Swiffer-style duster.
• You could use a dry microfiber mop. This will also help with wet cleaning (see below).
• Vacuuming should be fine, but never use a cleaner with a brush bar unless it can be disengaged, such as with a setting for wooden floors. A spinning brush bar can easily scratch your laminate.

While the above methods should be safe, always check the manufacturer’s own recommendations first.

Wet cleaning

Unless you’ve installed a completely waterproof laminate, your floor will not like excessive water. The more water involved when cleaning, the greater the risk that water will seep into the cracks and get to the core. In time, this will warp your floor and lead to early replacement.

Wet mops, such as string and sponge mops, and steam cleaners should therefore be avoided unless the manufacturer specifically states your floor can cope with it. You could instead use a microfiber mop that has been slightly dampened with warm water and sprayed with a suitable cleaning solution. Not only will this prevent premature warping, it will save you time, so you can spend more time out and about in Liverpool.

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