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How to clean 30,000 carpets

Around 30,000 carpets cover the area around Mecca in Saudi Arabia, and the total length of the carpets is nearly 100 kilometres. This makes cleaning them an enormous task.

The Arabic news service Al Arabiya recently looked at how these carpets are kept clean. There is an official department whose sole responsibility is to keep the carpets clean and well maintained.

Dirty carpets go through five cleaning stages. Firstly, the dust and dirt are removed using a machine. They are then washed with soap and disinfectants, after which they are rinsed ready for the third stage, when they are quickly dried using a machine. They are left outside until they are bone dry, which takes one day in the summer and two in the winter. A final sweep of the carpets with brooms is made, and finally, they are sprayed with a rose scented solution and disinfected.

To keep on top of maintaining 30,000 carpets requires a lot of machines and staff to operate them. The carpet cleaning department is responsible for making sure that not a single one of the 30,000 carpets is visibly dirty or worn.

Cheshire homes and businesses rooms that are carpeted do not need a carpet cleaning department as large as the Saudi Arabian one. Carpet cleaning in your Cheshire home and business should be done by regular vacuuming, and deep carpet cleaning from a professional company at least once a year. Some dirt trapped in the carpet pile is not removed by a standard domestic vacuum cleaner and requires specialist equipment.

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