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Choosing the best contract flooring in Cheshire

Contract flooring specialists in Cheshire offer a wide range of floor coverings for businesses, but which type is best for your rooms?

Why use commercial grade flooring?

A home can get away with using cheap floor coverings because not many people walk on the floor each day. An inexpensive domestic floor may last a few years, but put the same flooring in a busy commercial property and it will soon look worn from the heavy footfall. A commercial grade floor needs to be hardwearing, easy to maintain and good-looking.

Real wood

Real wood flooring is either solid wood or engineered flooring that has a real hardwood veneer on top of other less expensive wood layers. The one drawback of real wood is that it doesn’t like water. Cheshire has a wet climate, with many days when it rains heavily. A wood floor with access to an outside entrance could get water damaged from lots of people coming in and out of the rain with dripping wet clothes.

However, in dry areas, a commercial grade solid wood floor can last for a hundred years or more. It may lose its finish after a while but can be re-sanded and coated with oil or lacquer to make it look like new again. Engineered wood, because it has a thinner wood layer, can be re-sanded but fewer times than solid wood.

Wood floors are available in a variety of wood types, from light to dark to fit with all décor styles. Natural wood is very popular in Cheshire, residents love oak furniture and the elegance of wood floors. Cheshire businesses install wood floors because they are the type of luxury that appeals to Cheshire people.


Laminate flooring is very popular in Cheshire commercial premises – not surprisingly, as it’s cost effective and quick to install.

Laminate floors have a top layer that comes in many attractive designs, including wood grain and stone patterns. Though the top layer is thin, it is very strong and has a coating that protects against spills and scratches. Unlike wood, damaged boards cannot be sanded, but damaged laminate planks can be replaced.

There are various grades of laminates from AC1 to AC5, with the top two grades suitable for commercial use. The highest grade is recommended for high-traffic areas.


If your floor is going to get wet, waterproof vinyl is recommended. Modern vinyls such as luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), unlike vinyl of old, are extremely hardwearing. If your building is unfortunate to be near one of the many Cheshire River that are liable to flooding, vinyl will probably survive a minor flood, but could get damaged if submerged in water for many days.

Commercial grade LVT is very tough and comes in a huge range of attractive designs.

Which is best?

The best type of floor covering depends on the floor use and the budget for flooring. Talk to your contract flooring specialist in Cheshire for advice on choosing the best floor covering for contract flooring.

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