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Choosing contract flooring for Wirral businesses

When Wirral businesses need to install new flooring, there are lots of different types to choose from. The best type of contract flooring for a particular floor space depends on a number of factors.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring gives you the look of wood but at a much lower price. However, laminates do not have great acoustic properties, so may not be suitable for areas such as office spaces where people need a quiet environment.

Laminates can warp and buckle from moisture. This is not an issue for rooms that have an outside exit. People coming in from one of Wirral’s many wet days, perhaps after a walk down the Wirral Way or through Dibbinsdale Nature Reserve, may drip water on the floor, but this will not damage it. However, laminates are not recommended for bathrooms and other high-moisture areas.

Engineered and solid wood

Engineered wood is more expensive than laminate, but because it has a top layer of real wood, it looks identical to natural wood flooring. It can be damaged or scratched from heavy objects that are dropped on it, so is not suitable for areas with machinery, or storage areas where lots of items are stored and moved.

Solid wood is a luxury floor covering, so costs a little more than your average flooring. With careful maintenance though, it lasts a long time and can be sanded to extend its life when worn.

Solid and engineered wood are high-end products that are great for reception areas, where they create a good first impression of a company.

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT)

LVT is a long lasting floor covering and is an affordable option for commercial floors. Suitable for high footfall areas, there is a wide range of patterns and colours available.

There are several grades of LVT. The cheapest quality brands are not recommended as these will have a thin top layer. Top grade thick layer LVT comes with a long guarantee.

Carpet and carpet tiles

Carpets have a high sound absorption, which makes them suitable for open office areas. Top quality carpets last a long time provided they are regularly vacuumed and professionally deep cleaned at least once a year.

Carpet tiles are great for areas that have more wear to one section than others. You don’ t have to replace the whole carpet – just use new tiles for the worn areas.

Health and safety

In health centres and other areas with vulnerable people, non-slip flooring is worth considering to prevent accidents. Rubberised flooring prevents injury from falls.

In areas where chemicals are used, flooring that resists harmful effects from chemical spills needs to be installed. Food preparation areas need floors that can easily be cleaned and kept hygienic.

Your Wirral contract flooring supplier can advise on specialist flooring for health and safety purposes.

Finding the best contract flooring that is practical and affordable can be a difficult decision, which a Wirral flooring contractor can provide welcome advice on. You need flooring that is long lasting, affordable and able to withstand the effects of Wirral’s uncertain weather, where muddy shoes and dripping clothes are common.

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