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Choose laminate flooring in Cheshire rooms for a traditional or contemporary look

Laminate is a good choice for floor covering, particularly because it is suitable for both traditional and contemporary style décor.

Traditional style

There are many stately homes in Cheshire that are open to the public, including Bramhall Hall, Arley Hall, Capesthorne Hall, and Dunham Massey. If you want your home to have a traditional look, Cheshire’s historic halls are a rich source of design inspiration.

Most stately homes have either stone floors or solid hardwood floors. Stone and hardwood floors are great, but they are expensive. If your budget is limited, you can achieve the look of stone or wood at less expense by using laminate flooring. Match hardwood or stone style laminates with antique furniture for the stately home look. Laminate flooring is also suitable for a more contemporary style.

Ease of fitting

An advantage of laminate flooring is that it is easy to fit. The tongue and groove system means that an installer can quickly finish a room, and this saves on fitting costs. Laminate flooring can be laid over existing floors such as wood, concrete or vinyl flooring. If the floor is level, it may not be necessary to remove the existing floor covering.

Style choices

There is an abundance of style choices for laminate flooring. Laminates mimic most wood types or can resemble stone tiled floors. To the casual eye, they appear indistinguishable from real wood or stone.


Laminate floors are easy and quick to clean, as laminate does not absorb dust and repels moisture. This makes it suitable for both the home and workplaces where many people walk on the floor each day. A quick clean removes dust, dirt, and bacteria that shoes bring in from outside.

Consider the environment

The Cheshire countryside is green and lush due to the high rainfall in the county. People coming inside from a rainy day drip water and their shoes may spread mud onto the floor. Laminate will deal with this moisture and can withstand drinks being spilled. However, laminate is not suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms where there are likely to be large amounts of water.

Cheshire is a beautiful environment with stunning landscapes, but it is fragile and threatened by greenhouse gasses and pollution. If you install laminate flooring in your Cheshire home or business, you will create little impact on the environment. The HDF core of laminate can be made from sustainable pine trees or wood waste that would be burned or put into landfill if it was not used to make laminate. Many hardwood forests are in danger because they are not sustainably forested. Laminate provides the look of hardwood, without having to be concerned about the wood source.

See how it looks

Whether you have traditional or a contemporary style rooms, ask you floor installer for laminate samples to get an idea of how laminate flooring will look in your rooms. You may be pleasantly surprised about how economical and good-looking laminate is.

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