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Chapel with wood flooring for sale

Many old chapels are sold each year to buyers who like their original features such as stonework, hardwood flooring, beams and arched windows, and one such building is now for sale.

A chapel in the Warwickshire village of Temple Grafton is being sold at auction, and it is expected to sell for between £110,000 to £118,000. The chapel was built in 1864 and is a Grade II listed building that features hardwood flooring. The price may not be high, but like many old chapels, it does not have planning permission for residential use.

If a change of use and building regulations are approved for conversion to a home, there is a clause in the purchase contract that the new owner has to pay a 25% overage charge, making the seller entitled to a portion of the increase in value of the property. Its listed building status means that the design of the chapel cannot be significantly altered, but buyers will probably be happy to keep the original distinctive features.

If you purchase an old building with original wood flooring, there should be no need to replace it, as wood floors can last for over a century. If the floor is worn or damaged, sanding and refinishing can restore it to a like-new condition, plus damaged areas can be replaced.

Newer buildings can be improved with wood flooring. Cheshire and Wirral residents love wood flooring for its natural beauty. It is is a good investment, as it lasts a long time and adds value to a home.

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