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Wood floors are key element of farmhouse chic look

Farmhouse chic is a trend popular in the United States that takes inspiration from American farms. It is often referred to as rustic and refined. It features wood floors, furniture and traditional design combined with more contemporary features.

Solid wood floors are (more…)

Famous rock venue’s wood floor turned into souvenirs

The old wood floor at Rock City in Nottingham is being turned into thousands of souvenirs that are being sold to fans of this famous venue.

Many iconic rock stars have (more…)

Wood floor cabins designed to help patients heal

In Norway, hospitals have created outdoor care retreats where recovering young patients can help recuperate away from the hospital environment in wood floor cabins.

Hospitals are good at curing physical health, but in Norway, they recognise that (more…)

Design trends now lasting longer

According to Anna Starmer, founder of Luminary Colour, a colour trend forecasting company, interior design trends nowadays are lasting longer. (more…)

Top designers recommend wood flooring in kitchens

The Washington Post recently asked a number of designers about their opinions on installing wood floors in kitchens, and the consensus was that wood flooring is highly recommended.

Many people are (more…)

Technology creates new looks for wood floors

New technologies are creating innovative new looks for hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors have been around for (more…)

Consumer preferences driving demand for timber flooring

According to Architecture News, customers increasingly want green building materials that also last a long time and are low maintenance.

Hardwood flooring has a timeless (more…)

Wood flooring design to help calm patients waiting to see doctor

Hilko Designs has designed a clinic in New York for Parsley Health that is specifically designed to calm patients.

GPs want their patients to be well, but often (more…)

Home re-design shows that wood floors can have a different look

Dutch wood flooring manufacturers Hakwood have created wood floor tiles in black, white and grey that can form patterned wood floors that have a contemporary look far from the traditional brown wood style.

Dennis Interior Architects has re-designed a (more…)

American association defines ‘real wood’ flooring

There are several flooring products that look like wood, but not all contain wood. The American National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) has created a formal definition that is designed to help consumers know about flooring that contains real wood.

A task force (more…)

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