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Herringbone wood flooring boosts house prices

Herringbone woodblock flooring adds at least £5,000 to the value of a home according to one UK flooring expert. (more…)

Parquet named on-trend flooring type

Parquet flooring has been around for hundreds of years, but it is making a comeback as a top flooring trend, according to (more…)

Five ways to prevent furniture sliding on hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring in and homes is great to look at and is a practical floor covering that will last for many decades. However, wood floors can be slippery and cause furniture to slide around. Here are four ways to stop furniture from (more…)

How to make rooms look chic with hardwood flooring

An interior designer has made a TikTok video in which he explains the best way to use hardwood flooring to elevate the (more…)

Expert says wood flooring helps rooms look bigger

An interiors expert has shared tips on how to make a small room look bigger. Amongst his top recommendations are wood (more…)

How to reduce noise in rooms with wood flooring

Wood flooring in Cheshire and homes is very practical as it is easy to keep clean and adds natural luxury to a room. Compared to soft carpets, a room with wood flooring can be noisier. Here’s how to reduce noise in rooms with (more…)

Documentary offers glimpse into Savoy Royal Suite

Few people see inside the Royal Suite at The Savoy hotel – unless they can afford the £16,000 a night it costs to stay there. However, ITV’s recent documentary The Savoy, which is available on ITV Hub, gives viewers a rare look inside (more…)

Newcastle pub replaces floor with stylish laminate flooring

A popular Newcastle bar has recently had an extensive makeover, including (more…)

Is wood flooring suitable for basements?

When renovating a basement, it is important to have a solid, water-resistant floor. Flooring experts do not recommend solid wood flooring, but there are alternatives for those who (more…)

Three wood flooring trends for 2022

Many homeowners are planning to install wood flooring in Cheshire , the and elsewhere. There are many options available for wood flooring, including timber type, plank width and colour. Here are three of the top wood flooring trends (more…)

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