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Why hardwood flooring makes economic business sense

There is an economic benefit to installing hardwood flooring in commercial buildings. (more…)

Worldwide demand for wood floors predicted to increase significantly

A new report has forecast that the demand for wood flooring will rise significantly during the next few years.

The report was published by (more…)

Dragons’ Den warehouse with original wooden floors up for sale

The Victorian warehouse where the BBC television show Dragon’s Den was filmed for its first series fifteen years ago is up for sale.

It has many original wooden features (more…)

Maidstone’s Juniper Bar installs herringbone pattern wood floors

The newly renovated Juniper Bar in Maidstone now features the bold use of wood to create a unique environment to drink in.

The wood floors are arranged in (more…)

Wood flooring association defines wooden floor

Some flooring industry professionals believe that there is confusion amongst consumers about what a wood floor is. This is because there are many floor coverings that look like wood, but do not contain wood.

In America, the (more…)

Global wood flooring market forecast to increase

A new report titled “Global Wood Flooring Market” has forecast that the wood flooring market will increase at (more…)

Wood floors are key element of farmhouse chic look

Farmhouse chic is a trend popular in the United States that takes inspiration from American farms. It is often referred to as rustic and refined. It features wood floors, furniture and traditional design combined with more contemporary features.

Solid wood floors are (more…)

Famous rock venue’s wood floor turned into souvenirs

The old wood floor at Rock City in Nottingham is being turned into thousands of souvenirs that are being sold to fans of this famous venue.

Many iconic rock stars have (more…)

Wood floor cabins designed to help patients heal

In Norway, hospitals have created outdoor care retreats where recovering young patients can help recuperate away from the hospital environment in wood floor cabins.

Hospitals are good at curing physical health, but in Norway, they recognise that (more…)

Design trends now lasting longer

According to Anna Starmer, founder of Luminary Colour, a colour trend forecasting company, interior design trends nowadays are lasting longer. (more…)

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