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Study shows effects of colour on sense of smell

A study in Japan has suggested that painting walls affects the sense of smell.

The study was carried out in (more…)

More British households are employing professional cleaning services

Research reported by the website News Anyway has revealed that more people prefer to use a professional cleaning service rather than clean themselves.

Traditionally, wealthier households hired (more…)

Research suggests floor cleaning could help keep you slim

According to recent research, chemicals found in everyday products could interfere with hormones and this may cause obesity. It found that cleaning floors regularly could remove harmful chemicals that are making us obese.

Research presented at the (more…)

Study finds dangers of third hand smoke in uncleaned carpets

Research has revealed that third hand smoke is dangerous, which is one reason why smokers should have their carpets regularly cleaned by a professional cleaner.

A new study by researchers at the San Diego University of California looked at the dangers of (more…)

Fortune reports different flooring attitudes among generations

Many homeowners invest in solid wood flooring because they feel it will last forever. When it becomes worn it can be (more…)

What are the flooring trends of 2018 according to Pinterest?

Pinterest, a website where users share photos and ideas about home design, makes for an excellent place to spot top flooring trends for 2018.

Terrazzo floors were (more…)

Rigorously testing takes place for wood floor alternatives

Consumer Reports has tested floor coverings and found many good-looking hardwearing alternatives to solid wood flooring.

Consumer Reports is a (more…)

Guide shows how food safety management relates to floors

A new report has been published detailing how the HACCP Food Safety Management System affects floors. (more…)

Older people reconsider floor choices to ensure safety

A survey by Saga Personal Loans found that two thirds of people over the age of 50 have had major renovation work completed on their homes. Many of these home improvements involve replacing old floor coverings for (more…)

Research highlights the dangers of uneven floors

York Council recently commissioned a report by the Building Research Establishment into safety in the home, and one of the major risks the research drew attention to (more…)

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