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Sanding and white paint creates ‘shabby chic’ floor

Interior design enthusiast Elaina Sanches, in a Daily Star interview, described how she turned her old wood flooring into a stressed white floor, emulating the popular (more…)

Wood floors feature in 1950s house renovation

Karim Karanouh and Emma Westbury bought a 1958 home in Essex because they loved its original features. They wanted to modernise the home whilst retaining its 1950s style and adding natural materials such as engineered wood flooring.

When modernising a home, it’s (more…)

Leave hardwood flooring to professionals, says US expert

If your wood floor is worn it can be restored, but this should be done by experts, according to advice by (more…)

Elderly people advised to install non-slip flooring before retiring

A building expert has advised people approaching retirement age to install non-slip flooring in their homes.

Most people approaching their (more…)

Many homeowners are now renovating rather than moving

In financially uncertain times, more people are deciding to renovate their homes rather than purchasing a new property.

There is financial uncertainty in (more…)

Blackpool Tower ballroom floor to be sanded for fresh look

The floor of Blackpool Tower ballroom is to be sanded in order to restore its surface after being used for countless foxtrots, waltzes and tangos that have left it looking a bit worn.

Blackpool Tower ballroom is (more…)

House built in 4 and a half days has engineered wood flooring

The Huf Haus is a German designed house system that can be erected in a few days, including the installation of solid wood flooring.

Brent and Rosemary Wilkinson ordered a (more…)

Luxury floors for Shed of the Year contenders

Every year, wood treatment manufacturer Cuprinol runs the Shed of the Year competition. (more…)

Newly renovated building keeps 130-year-old floors

The architects responsible for the renovation of London’s Club Row has decided to keep the existing parquet floor that was originally installed in the 1880s.

When an old (more…)

Floor graphics becomes new trend in floor coverings

Developments in large format printer technology and graphic film could revolutionise floor designs.

People are used to large prints displayed on (more…)

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