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New vacuum cleaner identifies floor type whilst cleaning

A new vacuum cleaner from Dyson can tell what type of floor it is cleaning and adjust its motor speed accordingly.

Many vacuum cleaners are (more…)

Survey suggests wood flooring can significantly increase property value

A new survey has suggested that installing wood flooring adds value to property.

The survey was conducted by (more…)

Design trends now lasting longer

According to Anna Starmer, founder of Luminary Colour, a colour trend forecasting company, interior design trends nowadays are lasting longer. (more…)

Top designers recommend wood flooring in kitchens

The Washington Post recently asked a number of designers about their opinions on installing wood floors in kitchens, and the consensus was that wood flooring is highly recommended.

Many people are (more…)

Technology creates new looks for wood floors

New technologies are creating innovative new looks for hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors have been around for (more…)

Consumer preferences driving demand for timber flooring

According to Architecture News, customers increasingly want green building materials that also last a long time and are low maintenance.

Hardwood flooring has a timeless (more…)

Blackpool Tower ballroom floor to be sanded for fresh look

The floor of Blackpool Tower ballroom is to be sanded in order to restore its surface after being used for countless foxtrots, waltzes and tangos that have left it looking a bit worn.

Blackpool Tower ballroom is (more…)

Wood flooring design to help calm patients waiting to see doctor

Hilko Designs has designed a clinic in New York for Parsley Health that is specifically designed to calm patients.

GPs want their patients to be well, but often (more…)

Heathrow Airport Head of Design reveals flooring secrets

The new Heathrow £2.3 billion Terminal 2 has won the ‘World Best Airport Terminal’ award for 2018 and the airport’s Head of Design, Barry Weekes has shared some of the flooring design secrets that contributed to this award.

The floor space of (more…)

Home re-design shows that wood floors can have a different look

Dutch wood flooring manufacturers Hakwood have created wood floor tiles in black, white and grey that can form patterned wood floors that have a contemporary look far from the traditional brown wood style.

Dennis Interior Architects has re-designed a (more…)

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