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Flooring companies play part in NHS food project

A Second World War hangar has been converted into an area providing free meals for NHS workers and required non-slip flooring to make it safe.

The NHS food project, “Salute the NHS” is led by (more…)

Why replacing hardwood floors shouldn’t be first solution

Good quality hardwood floors are very durable but can look worn and uneven after a few years. Many people are tempted to replace their creaking and uneven floor, but the floor may be repairable.

If the wood flooring is over (more…)

Will COVID-19 change floor covering choices?

After the COVID-19 pandemic is over, many people may decide to change their floor covering to one that is easier to clean and keep virus-free.

The coronavirus crisis has (more…)

New laminate flooring developed for indoor training

A new type of laminate flooring has been specifically developed for indoor training.

Quick-Step flooring in Belgium is (more…)

Experts suggest adding rugs to wood floor bedrooms can improve sleep

Flooring experts advise that putting a large rug or carpet in a bedroom with a wood floor can help promote better sleep.

After a long and hectic day, most people want to (more…)

Which type of flooring adds the most value to your home?

Research by the Tech Times looked at the best floors to install if you want to add value to a home. The top of the list is solid or engineered wood flooring, followed by luxury vinyl and laminate flooring.

Cheshire people choose (more…)

Flooring experts offer advice on choosing hardwood flooring

If you are deciding on what type of hardwood flooring is suitable for your Cheshire home, it can be useful to ask for advice from leading architects and flooring specialists.

Tim McKeough, writing for the New York Times asked (more…)

Wood flooring predicted to be top trend in 2020

As the world enters a new decade, interior design experts are predicting the home design trends for 2020 and beyond.

Designer Elisa Morgante says that (more…)

The importance of non-slip flooring in hotels

People who stay in hotels expect to be in a safe environment, which is why non-slip flooring is important. In a recent article on the website Hoel Designs, flooring expert Andrew Salder discussed the issues of non-slip flooring in the hospitality industry.

He says that (more…)

Modern wood floor design uses 18th Century Japanese technology

A new wood flooring design has been influenced by the 18th Century Japanese technique of Yakisugi.

Yaki means heating by fire and was (more…)

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