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Tenants prefer wood flooring but happy with laminate

A recent report on the website advises landlords that tenants prefer wood flooring, but they (more…)

Home safety improvements to be 2022 top trend

The coronavirus pandemic has focused attention on health and safety, and improving safety in the home is expected to be a (more…)

Flooring choices help reduce energy bills

There are many home improvements that can reduce energy bills. According to flooring expert Jessica Fox, one area often overlooked is how (more…)

Why is laminate flooring underlay important?

Laminate flooring in and Wirral homes is extremely popular, as it’s hard wearing, cost effective and offered in many designs. However, for laminate flooring to last a long time, a quality (more…)

Flooring named key consideration of home gyms

During the Covid-19 lockdowns, gyms were closed, and this prompted many households to convert a space in their homes into gyms. A key consideration of home gyms is (more…)

How to make engineered flooring last

Engineered flooring is popular in and Cheshire homes. It provides the natural look of wood at a reduced cost – it has a click fit system, which is quicker and less costly to install. Engineered wood can last a long time, depending on a (more…)

What’s the most suitable living room flooring?

A living room is a place to spend quality time in, to relax and entertain. It makes sense to install quality flooring in this room, but what’s the best type of (more…)

Why you should choose laminate flooring for your utility room

A utility room is a practical space that benefits from hardwearing laminate flooring. Here’s why you should consider this type of (more…)

Laminate flooring recommended for pet owners

People with pets are often concerned with preventing damage to their floors caused by their furry friends. According to Essex Magazine, the best pet-friendly flooring is (more…)

Non slip flooring recommended for home gyms

During the Covid-19 lockdown, people have been unable to go to the gym, which is why many households have set up their own home gyms. For safety reasons, it’s recommended that home gyms have (more…)

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