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Hotel interior designer reveals insight into 2018 flooring trends

Michael Sinclair, the design director of the Catering Design Group has revealed the floor design trends of 2018.

These are the designs that his hotel and catering clients are choosing. Hotel and restaurant customers can be influenced by (more…)

AIA2018 show highlights software for architects and interior designers

At the AIA2018 show for architects, a number of software companies showed off their latest software that creates 3D computer models of buildings, either already constructed or at the design stage.

Autodesk creates buildings which can be modified. Elements such as flooring can be (more…)

New technology is solution to flooring crisis

According to a report by European Coatings, there is a crisis in the flooring industry caused by a shortage of raw materials and environmental issues. New technology promises to be the solution to this crisis.

Of particular concern is the use of (more…)

New parquet flooring designs influenced by Le Corbusier

Inspired by the ideas of influential architect Le Corbusier, Paris studio Secret d’Atelier has created a range of lacquered parquet flooring based on the hues illustrated the architect’s book on colour theory.

Le Corbusier published his book (more…)

Plank carpeting range launched

Most homes and offices regularly turned to carpets for their flooring needs, but with developments in solid flooring, fewer locations are carpeting their rooms.

One carpet manufacturer, Heckmondwike has launched a new (more…)

Glass floor changes sports lines instantly

A new type of flooring developed by US firm ABS and has been made with two treated glass panels that sandwich LED lights.

The flooring is suitable for sports arenas and with the touch of a button, the LED lights form (more…)

New flooring tracks customers’ movements

A floor covering has been developed that tracks customers in a retail environment.

Retail businesses want to (more…)

Making your home flooring senior friendly

As most elderly people want to spend the rest of their lives in their own home, it is important to make your home senior friendly, paying particular attention to the floor surfaces.

Given the choice, most people want to (more…)

Amsterdam airport installs 3D printed floors

Architecture firm Aectual is fitting custom-made 3D printed floors at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport this month. A preview of the 3D printed floor tiles was shown at Dutch Design Week exhibition in October.

Aectual has (more…)

Rubber floors make life easier for surgeons

Nora Flooring Systems has been installing rubber floors in operating theatres to make life easier for surgeons and (more…)

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